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  Have you ever thought about having your own online radio show? But how can you concentrate on content with all the technical details that you need to consider? At we run the back end so you can tell the world about your business. >>>
  You want your video featured on YouTube, you want your video on your website, you want video PERIOD. But unless you've been to film school and have unlimited funds, producing professional-looking video can be a daunting task. And the LAST thing you need is video that doesn't work well on the web or looks like it was shot and edited on a cell phone. We can help. >>>
  Your business is special, your brand is important and your ideas deserve a global audience. But how can you get the distribution you need without breaking the bank or leasing time on a local TV station? Even then, all you can reach is the folks in your area. Webcasting is our specialty - and live is what we do best! >>>
Small Business Alert
  A recent study released by Ad-ology indicates that small businesses in general will EMBRACE online video (to the tune of 45%) in the upcoming year. You can read the highlights of the study in this press release. If you DON'T have an online video strategy for the upcoming year - perhaps it's time you gave the folks at a call (before your competition does!)
83% Saw Web Video In January 2011
  comScore reported in its online video rankings that 83.5% of all U.S. Internet users watched a Web video in January, totaling over 171 million individuals, notes CNET. The average online video lasted about five minutes, and those who watched ad-supported content sat through an average of 24 seconds worth of commercials. Google led in total viewership last month, serving video to more than 144 million unique viewers through YouTube. Those people watched over 1.9 billion videos out of the nearly 4.9 billion watched in the U.S., comScore said.

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Featured Media Event:
Viawest KINECTed Cloud
11/15/2011 - We worked with a high-tech, local agency to create this spot for Viawest. It was included in a direct email campaign.
Mercury Leads
7/14/2011 - Well known business consulting company Mercury Leads recently commissioned a "no shoot" video for their site. Check out what we can do without rolling any footage!
Johnson Storage & Moving
6/1/2011 - We recently produced a great series of videos for Johnson Storage & Moving for use on YouTube and Facebook. Check out "Drivin' Truck!" 
Green Screen Action
1/28/2011 - produces informational series for Electro-Biocide using "green screen" in the newly created Green Stage area of the studio.
View From The Rockies
11/9/2010 - / BroadbandVideo, Inc. provided the custom player, LIVE streaming capabilities and back-end infrastructure for this financial talk show webcast from Rocky Mountain PBS Studios, directed by David Achilles and produced by Artemis Collaborative. Gregg Moss of Denver NBC affiliate Channel 9 hosted the hour long webcast.

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